13 March 2007

Spiritual Zombie

The title makes no sense and so does the ‘faiths’ of the times. Not targeting the mushrooming Christian evangelist sects alone, which of course am not in agreement with. It is widely known that the situation in other religious streams are not any soulful. But it’s always easier and accepted to criticize one’s own.

There is no faith left, religions have become redundant. Church seems like a mass drama. The clergy is looked upon like a bunch of clowns. To 'save’ mankind from these deteriorating religions and the chocking intra-religion politics, we have now even more Preachers, Pastors, Philosophers and Priests. Not over: blind fundamentalists, bigots and fanatics; the noise from their rallies, media channels and conventions; their littering posters, pamphlets and banners; and their chauvinism, persuasiveness and narrow-minded reasoning.

I suggest one does some introspection and a course in spirituality before looking for these new-age quick fixes. To start with read H.G. Well’s book 'Country of the Blind’. The work gives insight into the difference between religion and spirituality.

Spirituality and faith, I feel, are very personal things and are not other peoples’ business. Spirituality is one’s journey to find the truth. Religion, on the other hand, is like a generic ‘template’ for spirituality, which suffices for some for whom habits and routines are powerful enough to transform. But for many this approach with spirituality is evidently ineffective. Then religion becomes only the hinderance to salvation and a mask one puts on for identity.

My stand: There are as many paths for spirituality as there are the numbers of humans!
One savior or prophet or church may not be the only way. Religion is but ONE path for spirituality and on the flip side it breed can chauvinism. The act of persuading another to spiritually think/act alike is as stupid as persuading another to like one’s favorite foods.

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