15 February 2009

Slowing down

One perspective to the Recession:
This is a corrective phase...correcting the collective greed that was prevalent during the bulldozing and hyped-up economic situation that was before.

The corrective intensity is directly proportional to the amount of collective greed (conscious or subconscious) that was prevalent in the earlier period.

Its victims are individuals and the systems that surfed the greed wave. But the 'corrected' would be the individuals or systems that totally disregarded, in order to achieve their selfish needs, either the connection to the basic principles (ethics) or the connection with the grassroots(ordinary people).
If there will be no learning or change the recession will visit again. It is relentless and ruthless.

A new order and learning has to come out of every such phase.

A recession can also be within the personal scheme of things and this personal phase need not have anything to do with the outside world scenario.

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