5 June 2010

Science of Transformation

To better follow this one please read the ingredients for success in a future post :)

Change is necessary for continuity if not for continued success. Change can be minor improvements or complete transformations evens.  For successful changes/transformations the same recipe applies: intent & commitment.
To affect good transformations it sometimes may be beneficial to change the current environment too or launch the venture from a new platform. The common human needs to see and feel real differences for maximum excitement. This is why events and projects have logos, captions, mascots and even a new project location.
Intent + Risk + Environment
An example would be the case of an ‘enlightened’ person (religious/secular). We can point out some notable personalities who reached pinnacle of success ostensibly after a conversion; in the religious sense (born-again) or even by any thought paradigm(EST). One can see all the elements (intent, risk, and environment) in play here.
The ingredients are useful even if an individual, group and institutions contemplate the change of identity.
Success is hampered when transformation is incomplete. This means it is a case where one of the elements was ignored.  Happy married life: first there has to be the intent to be married and should not be forced upon. Then the promise: a public ‘I do’ or even a public ceremony will do. The couple is in a merged environment from then, good enough for the platform element. What commonly lacks or ignored is the commitment J which is essential for long-term success.


  1. Victoria Thekkekandam9:33 pm, June 05, 2010

    This makes so much sense. Very introspective as well as realistic analysis of a view. I am proud of you......Aunt Victoria

  2. I have unleashed the legions on you. Be prepared to go back to the Stone Age!