17 December 2010

Zen of automobile driving

Do you even think of 'the how' of driving while driving?
Steering left or right
Stepping-up on the gas
Pre-empting the changes
Easing down by caressing the brakes
Shifting gears at the slightest vibration shift
Uping the stereo volume
Switching the aircon on and off ... The car is like on autopilot really. And you too.

What looms infront through the windshield is the vision of the future. It looks different the closer one comes.

What you view in the rearview and side mirrors are the glimpses of my past; they appear closer than they are.

The route is a beaten path. One cannot think of any other way.

The present is what is within the car capsule.

All we normally 'think' in the present is the video-collage for the music flowing out of the 6 surrond-speakers.

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