22 April 2013

End of Curiosity?

One of the yearnings (instincts I would say but not as basic as hunger) in human beings is “to know”. Curiosity is generally inherent in higher-brained animals but, I observe, that this itch unbearable for humans. It is as if to learn is the destiny of humans. What kicked-off as simple observation, in early humans, of patterns of danger and of the awe that is the sun, moon and stars is still in progress albeit to a very complex (or rather progressed) level. We now observe the most distant stars and the inner most particles; and also try to analyze consumer patterns which are as complex as the weather. Will this curiosity ever be satiated?

Is this state what is enlightenment (since I don’t know of another better word)?
As per Hinduism, one path to this state is Jnana yoga or the Path of Wisdom. Instinctively urged to follow this path one assimilates as much understanding as he can about the universe. Either through one source or varied, though the Hindu scriptures claim that understanding the Vedas would suffice.

My gatherings is that enlightenment is like the total understanding (maybe just acceptance) of everything’s place in the universe. The enlightened ones generally seem to be in a state of total calm. They also then tend to be extremely quiet and unfazed by events around then. They do not want to change anything. It is probably because they now feel everything in the universe is in its place and everything is right. Their quench for knowledge (of everything) satiated.

But enlightenment seems like conquering infinity by just understanding the finite?

Well I understand that at the point of the so-called enlightenment our brains are COMPLETE with all (necessary) findings…at least as much that a human mind/brain can process. It may not exactly be complete with everything in the universe but at least the basic patterns of the universe that explains everything i.e. the underlying basic rhythms of the universe or most fundamental equations in the universe.
Physically speaking this may indicate a brain complete with: all possible electrical connections it can achieve; all patterns it could humanly recognize.

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