1 May 2013

Recipe for Success

There is no result without action, success or otherwise, and so therefore Intent is the core and single ingredient.
Desire is just wishful thinking; intent is cause for the action. Intent is automatic in one with conviction; Convinced that the result/goal, of the action/exercise, is imperative to the stakeholder.

Conviction > Intent > Action > Result

So if you have been a procrastinator there is nothing wrong; you just weren’t interested or convinced enough to do anything. In such cases, desperation brings the necessity to act.

A rags-to-riches story is all about a personal intent. But an individual’s intention and actions may not be sufficient for a non-individualistic result like say the history-making and/or pioneering explorations? Discovery of a new land; Exploration of the Dark Continent or the deepest point in the ocean ; Building mega structures as in Dubai; Putting a man on the moon; and Yes even revolutions : political (Say the French), religious(Protestant) or Socio-economic (White). An individual’s power is insufficient for the success of these bigger projects and thus requires collaborative action. One could transfer the intent to the team by simulating the glorious results by his/her powerful words (Mahatma Gandhi) or just by using the carrot of money (employment).

For longer-termed projects or big-hairy-audacious goals like the above, one could add another ingredient to only sustain the first element through commitment over the time period. And that is by risking something purposefully.
By virtue of the first element (intent) something is already at risk by default: that one may not achieve any results if not committed. That apart, one may (depending on context) risk money (investments) or risk his/her image (promises).

Conviction > Intent > Action (Collective/Individual) > Results > Commitment > Bigger Results! (Success)

As politicians do one could be loud about the risk like as a public declaration or one can be silent as his/her strong conviction; the louder the more commitment and more the chances of transformations happening in the network. And as they say the Universe would conspire for the intent to happen!

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