10 November 2014

The Chinese Finger Trap

At a fundamental level both theology and science strives to make meaning of the world (physical or mental) humans live in...Funny, but that what they are for.

Theology was most human-digestible of the two; for the survival-focused masses this was therefore the alpha and omega for a very long time. They offloaded all brain-racking' mysteries onto the biggest mystery of all : God. Religious institutions ruled the roost for most of history and tried its best to snuff out all scientific temper.

Science, in the mean time, survived the oppression and painfully evolved into the new-age religion! It is what now ALMOST EVERY human truly believe, live and breath. Scientist, thinkers, consultants and researchers are the new monks, priests and bishops. They turn all magic to drab logic.

Will the twain meet?

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