20 May 2015


What makes perfect sense to one may be utter nonsense to another.
Monistics consider the dualists to be inferior. Monotheists consider themselves superior to polytheists. Puritans are generally in contempt of traditionalists and liberalist. Scientists cannot agree with Occultists. Why, husbands will never understand wives and vice versa J
Not only do each of the sets speak a different language, but each also on a different paradigm of thought. Many of these sets inherently have a particular model of the world; consider that both theology and science are essentially doing the same thing – figuring out the world and our position in it!
To unravel bigger questions, first step would be to release oneself from the confines of the paradigms (and labels) one is familiar with and start testing the world out of that box.
“Problems cannot be solved at the same level of consciousness that created them” is what Einstein said.

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