2 September 2005

≈ Mirage

At the beginning of the 20th century most physicists believed they soon would come up with an explanation to everything in this universe i.e. A Theory of Everything. Arising to the occasion came Einstein, Neil Bohr, Heisenberg with his Uncertainty Principle, Schrödinger with his Cat and many more. But the theory didn’t come. Instead we saw a series of new discoveries, more mysteries, more explanations and more theories. A section of classical physics had to even break off to become a new field of research known as Quantum Physics. When things started to look more complicated than before the physicists declared that it would take 'a little more time' before the Theory of Everything is out. It seemed the more they strived for the ultimate truth the more mysteries propped up.

Well, if that was a century ago then lets see what is the state of physics in 2005:
  • We still can’t figure out what the fundamental particle is. Weird. And new sub and sub-sub atomic particles keep propping up
  •  Sub-atomic complexities are on the rise. If my understanding’s right, there are some particles which have Spin 1/2 i.e. that need to be spun 2 complete revolutions to bring it back to it's original state. Duh! :-{
  • We still can’t figure out where solidity begins. At sub-atomic levels there is no ‘balls’ or ‘beads’ of electrons and protons as we were shown in the school physics textbooks. So what we touch is just a force field?!

Trillions of dollars and man-centuries of work must have gone into quantum physics researches alone. The expenditure in the other streams must only be more. Imagine how much time and money is being spent throughout history to get to the ultimate answer.

Will we ever find the answer? I feel the answer is like the mirage; we will never reach it. The depth of any subject will continuously deepen the more we focus on it and it will deepen to infinity. One will be lost in the never-ending labyrinth of knowledge streams with the new discoveries, new insights and new dimensions.
All these researches may just be skimming the surface of ONE endless ocean.
"Stay in thy matrix! Dare not come close to Me. Dare not understand Me" maybe the Almighty's intent :-)

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