15 May 2005

Orangensaft Zing

K7 is a bundle of optimism and an epitome of positivity.

People call him the Happy-go-Lucky guy. And it’s a joy for people to just be around him. Getting to meet him is exciting and chatting with him is fun. Even a phone call from him cheers you up. He is bubbly, always merry, is optimistic in all that he undertakes, surprises everyone with his ‘bindas’ attitude and exudes his youth energy into all around him.

Highlighting some of the important observations on K7:
  • He believes he is the LUCKIEST guy on earth,
  • ONLY good happens to him,
  • Bad circumstances are temporary and TURN GOOD for him ultimately,
  • His decisions are ALWAYS RIGHT, and
  • Anything’s POSSIBLE with him
It can be noticed that Lady Luck is always inclined to offer her blessings to K7. K7's attitude reinforces his luck base and for this reason persons with such personalities become even more successful.
Some behavioral scientists relate this ‘angelic’ effect of K7 is maybe due to his cheerful face. The psychologist Richard Wiseman has explained how being positive and cheerful has direct proportionality on luck. So for the unfortunate few of us who are depressive and negative by nature, our salvation (or success) in this life may depend on point in time when we learn to acquire this K7 personality.
Sometimes, many born with small amounts of K7-ism lose it when life turns into a bumpy road after it had been a long smooth superhighway. I think we should never lose our hope and our optimism…ever. We just cannot afford the loss. The difficult period is meant only to test the personality’s elasticity.

Being optimistic is the ONLY way forward.

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