3 April 2005

Comrade Jesus

Jesus was a revolutionary, and one of the prominent such icon in history. But that’s only the secondary reason why I like him.

It was such revolutionaries brought about the much-needed change whenever entropy tightened its grip on societies. It would have been very different world today if there weren't any Socrates, Karl Marx, Martin Luther, Jesus, Che Guevara, Gandhi, Mandela, Malcolm X and such. The world would have had more difficult progression without them.

Sometimes I believe it’s inevitable that changes, through revolutionaries, war or catastrophes, happen at appropriate points of time in history. The situation forces it. Reason is that nobody likes or wants to change. Society & the prevailing social/religious laws provide security for sometime but not for long. They gather static slowly but surely become redundant. These laws then need to be shelved or amended or revamped. Revolutionaries, philosophers and such thinkers may be God's way of shampooing and then conditioning such institutions (society or even whole cultures) and thus bring about the much-needed change.

Anyway back to my topic. Undoubtedly the first reason why I adore Jesus is because he epitomized LOVE. No, even beyond love; it’s about compassion. I am sure everyone would agree with me here. Another God-figure I consider quite similar to Jesus in the compassion front is Krishna. Krishna probably was the lord-allocation for that geographical area called India as Jesus was to Israel :-)
Consider these facts justifying my second reason:
  • He dared to modify the commandments. NOBODY dares to change the centuries old law or tradition. Would we dare to even try such a thing in this century of absolute freedom?
  • The fact is that he blasphemed! Blasphemy, especially within a monotheistic religion, is the Papa-Sin and the crime is punishable by stoning. So wasn't he radical or what?
  • He ridiculed the eccelesticals publicly. That’s a death wish within any community.
  • He, consciously or unconsciously, was the reason for a new faction within Jews and almost stirred up an uprising. It projected him as a coup leader.
  • I do believe he had a soft corner (that much at least) to Mary Magdalene. Even if not he dared to associate with outcasts. That’s really bold of him. In all probability his relatives must have ostracized him.
  • He had a natural inclination to break most social rules.
Now why would somebody do all this? Because he was a FREE man, loved his freedom, was fearless and was absolutely clear on his dharma and karma to free others too.
Jesus (my personal Jesus) was a free man. He had he guts to live and speak the way he wanted. He spoke freely and acted the way he wanted. He had a definite goal/message oriented life; touched the masses; gave his unbiased free love to all who asked; and had the courage to change whatever he deemed necessary. Finally he died in style...as a martyr to a cause.

Salute to one of the greatest socialist that walked the earth!

Acknowledgements: Thank you Shanty Mathews for the image. You rock dude!


  1. http://www.beliefnet.com/story/132/story_13245_1.html
    May be the new supply side Jesus will be of interest to you

  2. I adore Jesus for his earth shattering statements such as LOVE THY ENEMY.

    LOVE THY ENEMY concept really helps in my day to day life. It helps me to erase the ego quite a lot.

    Another statement I like is "Ask, and it shall be given you: seek, and you shall find: knock, and it shall be opened ..."