29 March 2005


The Yin-Yang: It looks like two distinct forces or entities trying to dominate each other as well as try become/consume the other at the same time. Each is in continuous action in doing so. But either of the two would have no objective or movement without the other. Call the two forces/entities whatever you like: White & Black; Passive & Active; Light & Dark; Good & Evil.

The Yin and the Yang are enclosed or rather confined into ONE circle. The ONE can be regarded as Singularity (Adwaitha Vedanta) while the Yin-Yang forms represent Duality (Dwaitham). The two are inherent of the ONE and ONE manifests into the two. And this is the simplest representation of the relationship between duality and singularity.

Extending the above concept a little further: In the beginning there is nothing else but the ONE; after all ONE is everything. Then ONE stopped being and within itself two things manifested. The action between these two in turn churned out the rest of the complexities. So in my understanding: all intricacies, harmonies, clashes, causes and effects that we can imagine arise from and exist within the ONE big system.

I would call this ONE the Universe as a whole. Some prefer to call the bigger system the Universal spirit or Universal consciousness or God. Most religious books also corroborate this concept.

The question is why did ONE complicate itself by dividing into two by its own intent? Probably just for entertainment ;-)

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