12 April 2005

ΰ Fountainhead

Nobody can really own an invention or a discovery or even an idea. My opinion. That finding was supposed or rather waiting to be come into existence. We (as in humans) just took time to come across the finding. And most of the time one doesn’t go out to invent or discover anything … its just chance that one stumbles across while trying to find something else! The inventor/discoverer/innovator is just credited for his/her effort.

Everything, I feel, is and was already there in the Universe. The universe I consider is the Superset; the sum total of everything. And humans are a piece of this universe. This may be the reason that some mystics say all the answers one need is in one-self.

“Seek and ye shall find” ....what you look for if not yet found. Or more even.

The universe being the ONE and only all-inclusive entity; all answers, ideas, patterns and structures already exist within. No invention/discovery/idea is therefore in my view original to anybody.

Having said all that I would have to add all hats are off to the inventors for their inventions; discoverers for their enterprise and discoveries; and smart people for their ideas. They have made our lives easier. I keep reminding my friends what an amazing invention the braking system of the car seat belt is, same with the ubiquitous Nut and the Bolt, or something even simpler as the Safety Pin!

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