13 March 2005


I feel that destiny is the resultant force that effects from the confluence of fate and freewill. And for this reason the actual future, i.e. destiny, cannot be predicted by any means to total accuracy. Have a look at the included diagrammatic representation on my idea of the mechanics of destiny. To simplify the upcoming technicalities, let’s abbreviate Destiny to D.

First let’s start with what is Fate. Fate is a circumstance thrust upon one, at any point of one's life. We may call this circumstance either fortunate or unfortunate. Some schools of thought believe that the nature of fate depends on one’s past-life or past (of present-life) performances. Actions even thoughts are said to cause an effect in the universe. Let’s call Fate F.

Many occult sciences; as the many as I have come across like astrology, divination, palmistry, omens-reading, entrails-readings, psychic reading, tarot, etc.; do a fairly good job of detecting and measuring this F force in one’s life. If one is lucky enough not to meet up with a fraud or a half-baked-self-promoted occultist then chances are that one will get quite an interesting insight of oneself, a read of life so far (past), present and future. But this reading is ONLY the pure F in one’s life. The reading assumes the individual allows only F to affect one's life in the coming future. Similar to what would happen if we allow a river to take us where it wants to when we don’t bother to swim at all. Therefore most occult sciences ‘see’ the F leg in the above diagram alone.

Next, there is another force that can interfere with F at any time, which I have not yet fully understood. And it is called Free will. This, I believe, is the force that created the most powerful people in the world. Also maybe the cause of the much progressed Western world front ended by USA. It is also the force that can kick impossibilities to the possible realm. Let’s call this Freewill force W.

With my classical christian upbringing I have learnt that only W matters. And this is what we all like to believe because then we have the confidence of being in control. The Bhagavad-Gita also tries to tilt the scales towards the W way though the book doesn’t explicitly say F is irrelevant.

F and W can interfere with each other at any time during one’s life to produce resultant D. This D CANNOT be clearly predicted by ANY known means (as far as I know). D is the best kept secret in the universe. And for this reason life is exciting. To know D you will have to be GOD himself! (Maybe in those enlightened higher states of consciousness one may fathom an individual’s D)

Back to the diagram, if you don’t use W then only F remains. Therefore D will be equal to F. So it's like going with the flow. Leaving everything to fate or God. But if one wants to consciously alter destiny then use W strongly at every point…to almost nullify F. And in this way an ambitious individual can chart (or so it appears to) his own destiny. This because then D 'will tend to' W as W > F.

  1. Synchrodestiny by Deepak Chopra
  2. The Greatness of Saturn by Robert E. Svoboda
  3. Autobiography of a Yoga by Paramhamsa Yogananda

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