12 March 2005

W♀men are Cats

Now hey mates, know anything about em wimen?
Ok so it’s like this: Women are the most enchanting and the most beautiful creations of nature. Their bodies are a work of art and that is why artists (in general) are obsessed with nudes. Women tend to be solitry, self-centered,  snobbish, judgmental, slow, manipulative, secretive and scheming. They can act quite caring, accommodating and responsible. They love to be flirted with, touched upon, be caressed, cajoled to and pampered with. And they are nagging (always) and dangerous if hurt.

In short they are are fussy as much as they are fuzzy!

Women first love themselves most and therefore their own bodies and the outfits they dorn. There is a reason for this: their attractiveness is their ticket to security and extended success. They can spend ALL their life-time and wealth grooming and perfecting either their bodies or outfits with the sole intention to create 'lust' in the eyes of the be(er)holder. And the latter need not necessarily be the spouse ;-)

No matter how indifferent they behave or how hard-to-get they play they just love being flirted with. They love the attention men give them. Well again, that’s how nature taught them to be. The strongest (successful) man selects only the best (attractive) women. And who is the strongest man? In prehistoric times it was the Flint the T-Rex killer; in the Middle Ages it was Louis XI the nobleman; in the modern day it’s Justin Timberlake the cool, rich & famous. It is in women's best interest to be manipulative and opportunistic. These qualities keep them and their offspring safe. They can switch sides (and men) at the speed of change.
Contrary to popular belief women are extremely solitary animals. FACT. It is extremely rare to see them herd or pack together! Have you ever noticed? Even if they do it may be for that individual woman’s self-centered reason. Even the strongest sister-sister or daugther-mother bond is temporary to the circumstance. If you haven’t noticed this keep your eyes and ears open from now on.
Women are short-sighted: They do not care about the greater good, but only about 'now'. Women love to live in luxury. They need to be spotless, speck-free, and clean all the time. They can’t stand gutters because it will dirty their furs. It’s very difficult for them to adjust to different surroundings. They will irritate men until they are better taken care of or be transferred to some neat palace. Poor men, the things they will do for sustainable sex :-))
Again, unlike man, it is woman that is the epitome of ego. They are extremely self-centered. Also project managers listen to this: Women actually hate to be advised, shouted at and commanded to. If you need to get something done by them (efficiently and effectively that is) be sure to sweet-talk them into it, pamper them well and promise rewards/gifts. Loyalty is reserved strictly only for those who take care (or at least act so) of women.
So now, any wonder why a woman's gait is called ‘Cat walk’ and gossips known as ‘kitty talk’. Well, that’s them, and accepting it.
And so what am I coming to with these two postings? The simple truth same as conveyed in the ‘Men are from Mars…’ book. If we are aware, conscious of and accept a being’s true nature then all of us couples could live in peace. No cribbing, No possessiveness, No violence, No break-ups.

Man and Woman are two different beings programmed to be attracted to each other. Ignorance of this fact is the culprit; Awareness of this fact can help improve the bonding factor.
Few of the inspirations for the sexist series:
  1. The Naked Ape, The Human Zoo, Intimate Behaviour (All the above 3 are classic non-fictional books by Desmond Morris)
  2. Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus (John Gray)


  1. just answer one question, Whom do u think loves u the most in your life?..................

  2. Dogs I guess :-P :-))
    Whats your point?

  3. are u married?

  4. Yes but why use this as a chat?
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