20 March 2005

OrgaNized complEx

When one examine any individual cell in the human body (from any part), it is amazing to note that it is a complete organism by itself; complete in its energy sources, reproductive mechanisms, protective environments, behaviors etc.

And the human body is composed of a few multiples of ten thousand billion cells. Its again amazing to observe that these cells group into tissues that function together for a purpose!

And just as amazing to observe tissues group into whole organs to perform a particular function. The important thing is that here too the whole has a purpose.

And even more amazing to observe different organs interacting with each other to form systems! Like digestive, nervous, lymphatic, reproductive, immune etc., that performs a vital function for the entire human body. All these systems are interrelated, interdependent and interact harmoniously to form a composite whole. Any dissonance in an individual system would make the ‘whole’ to react and re-organize itself back to harmony.


Even a simple epithelial cell can be viewed as independent and as if the most important entity for the whole but the fact is that this one cell is just but one cog or wheel in the bigger machine, the whole.


Now, can we as an individual human being map as one cell within a bigger entity?!


Our planet Earth: observe it wholisticaly and one can see it is an organism too. Mother Earth is but a group of interacting, interrelated and interdependent elements (land, water, air, heat; flora, fauna; climate; systems interacting) forming a very complex whole. We need her and she needs us.

And, just as in our body, mother earth reorganizes occasionally into balance by belching lava, climate changes, new viruses, platonic shifts, atmospheric holes etc. Stability will finally prevail and she’s a composite whole again.


Need I illustrate again the same considering the absolute whole i.e. the Universe? Is it not obvious now that microcosmically or macrocosmically there is no end to complexity and amazement?


Everything: every being, every system, every process, every group, every star is part of a larger organism. So what seems disorder and chaos to us may not be at all. It is just that our heads are too small to understand it.

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