11 March 2005


My mind like any knows no bounds. I think therefore I am ... a mess !
Who am I?
Why are we here?
Do we have any control?
Is there a rythym in this chaos?
These are questions tormenting mankind since we could think. The intention with the KRISING is for myself to come to terms with my own conflicting beliefs and the available philosophies around. I intend to do it by:
  1. Picking out the individual veggies (topic) in my otherwise 'aviyal' mind
  2. Allow free-flow writing to possess me on that topic :)
  3. Do a post-mortem on the resulting output then follow-up with iterative edits. So expect continuous changes to my postings' tone and its message over time. Each of these postings must have changed at least 5 times already! Why not, I am a changed-being every moment. I may even disagree to my own earlier arguments.
Most of the postings here can be associated with the following through observance:
  1. Spirituality
  2. Human Behaviour
  3. Human Evolution
Take note that many of the postings here are related and/or branched from another. You may refer the Tag/Labels for the checking out the root posts.
Please feel free to comment on the connections, interrelations and ideas that I have fissioned in your minds with krising. Thanks.
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  1. Hi, i read one of your writings. Interesting. I think we can have some discussion about something.
    My friends usually call me Ujie, i'm from Indonesia.
    And later i think i will publish my blog in English.

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