12 March 2005

Men are D♂gs

Hey women, so you know anything about men?

Er... Oh! Hey men, do you know anything about yourselves?!

So you do know that it is in their nature to be show-offs, dirty, foul-mouthed, fast, promiscuous and indulgent? NO? Then learn to accept it. For that’s M E N.

Men tend to pack together as one while at the same time fiercely competitive…. since ... since in spermal state! They tend to be quite preoccupied, uncaring & irresponsible.

Well, that’s how nature made them to be. It is in nature's interest that men sow their wild oats far and wide, thus inclining them to be promiscuous. And it is in nature's best interest that each generation of males are the fittest and the best, thus the tendency for men to find the 'best' or rather the 'better' mate than his previous!
Contrary to popular belief, men are more social than women. At least they tend to pack together, sometimes belong to more than one such fraternity: very much like their canine brethren. Dog and man have this natural affinity. Man's best friend :)
Bonding, whenever active within a particular pack, is extremely strong sometime even to the point of being selfless. All for One and One for All. A pack of men can achieve/conquer/raze almost anything on its way. Here, mob or mass psychology is on its best show of strength. Rape (mass) convicts often break down, during interrogations; pleading they had no clue as to what went wrong or want had gotten into their heads. I once happened to witness an extremely horrifying scene of a pack of dogs shred a tiny kitten to pieces just for the fun of it!

True, within a pack individual men love to show-off, brag and yap about their conquests (mainly sexual exploits and other achievements). But their mutual respect and friendship can be quite enviable to any of their female partner. A pack member may share or part with almost anything among themselves...food, bed, money, drugs, honor, shame, underwear, girls, etc. But can also fight over the silliest of matters.
Of course, not all men are social. There are lone rangers too. But be wary of these loners; they maybe outcasts, maybe dangerous and possibly rabid too.

With all that stress men undergo each day in this real world it is only natural that they are indulgent and addictive. By stress I mean: In prehistoric times, it was protecting their women and looting for new; in the middle ages, it was battles; in the modern day, it is trying to cope with the too much male competition and the much fantasizing. Poor boys! And so they drink, smoke weed, chew tobacco, have sadistic sex and pass out in the gutters. Ah! Beauty is in the eye of the Beer-holder :-))

Generally men are foulmouthed and dirty, yes. They can live in any part of the earth: from the gutters to the palaces. But they usually thrive in the more 'stickier' of places.

For men, if there is anything that can really transport their minds to a meditative state and switch them off from this material world is SEX. In fact it would be an understatement if I openly reveal it’s the ONLY thing on their minds...especially when in their youths. If this revelation is new to you ladies then learn it today: True is your presumption that for a man woman means sex! It’s hardwired into their brains. Everything else that surrounds this truth like true love, commitment, emotion, philosophy, beauty, literature etc. tends to be garbage in a man's mind. FEMALE, LADY, GIRL, WOMAN = S-E-X.
Well, that’s us...aren’t we just so cute? :-)

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