22 March 2005

Welcoming Yama

What would be your feeling if your Doc told you this : You are dying. You don’t have much time.

Fear? Anxiety? Grief?
Most of us are paranoid of death. Some put up a brave face by convincing others that they don't fear it if death will be painless. I feel these people are either lying or just consoling themselves.

Why this Thanatophobia? Its because we never LIVED life the way we wanted to. A person who lived life will not fear death.

And why haven't we lived till date? Because everytime we procrastinated life for tomorrow.

We never loved like we always wanted
We pushed away reconsiliations 
We never saw the world
We shied away from challenges for security's sake
We shooed away opportunities
We never laughed wholeheartedly
We never did anything outrageous that we always wanted to do because we were afraid what others might say
We never took the courage to follow our dreams because we didn’t want to fail
We have never seen, felt, smelt, touched, listened and we never even ate or drank in peace!

People normally procrastinate life for a better tomorrow. Save money today for a luxurious life tomorrow. Move ahead ruthlessly above the corporate ladder for a better life tomorrow. Follow society’s norms so that security, honour and respect are safeguarded...for tomorrow.

Living life now, the way we want, will not leave any pending urges/wishes/tasks. Then death will be like just another experience that we may look forward to. It may only be a door to the next level in the game that God has programmed. We may not fear it. We may even welcome Death! It is the natural continuum to our birth and life.

“That’s what makes death so hard – unsatisfied curiosity” – Beryl Markham, West with the Night

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